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Cookie files

  1. “Cookies” are small text files that can be stored on your device during visits to websites. Among other things they allow your browser to be identified on subsequent visits to the various sites.
  2. HYDRO-CZĘŚCI Jakubiec Limited Partnership uses several types of “cookies”.
    1. Cookies” necessary for the proper operation of the site. Some “cookies” are necessary to ensure you can make full use of the site and the functions it offers. For example, if you want a comparison of the performance of two products, we use “cookies” to store the products compared. During this time, you can find on the site other products or comparison.
    2. Cookies” verifying visits. These “cookies” store your visit to our site, subsites that you are particularly interested in, and links which you clicked on. They allow personalization of certain content and customizing of it to the individual preferences of the user.
  3. If you do notwant “cookies” to be storedon your device, you can at any time changeyour browsersettingssothat it does notallowsomeorall sites tostore themortonotify youeach timea site wants tostore such a fileon your device.
  4. You can also at any time remove the “cookies” that are already stored on your device.Due tothe variety ofbrowsersavailable on the market which allow you to visit sites, file management of “cookies”may vary between them.Therefore, inorder to blockthe acceptance of”cookies”, we suggest reading how to managethe privacy/securityfunctions placedon the menubrowser you are using. You will find itin the menuunder “Options” or “Preferences”. You can alsouse the “Help” function in your browser.
  5. Below are links to instructions for management of “cookies” for the most popular browsers on the market: