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New hydraulic hammers

In our range you will find new demolition hammers designed for mounting on mini-excavators, backhoe loaders and wheeled and tracked excavators.

All hammers that we offer have a European Quality Certfificate CE (Conformité Européenne)

Here are the most popular and most widely purchased hammers in our range:

ZAMO 120S – The smallest of our hammers. Designed for mounting on mini-excavators weighing 1.5 – 3.5 tonnes. A hammer with an adapter plate produced for a given client’s machine.

ZAMO 300L – A hammer weighing 300 kg. It is mounted on machines such as excavators and midi excavators weighing from 3.5 to 10 tonnes

ZAMO 300JCB – A hammer with parameters identical to ZAMO 300L except that its housing allows for installation only on machines such as JCB backhoe loader 3CX and 4CX and midi excavators 8060 and 8080.

ZAMO 320S – A hammer with the parameters of ZAMO 300L and ZAMO 300JCB. It is characterized by a sealed enclosure with an additional cushion damping and adapter plate produced for a given machine.

ZAMO 500 – A hydraulic demolition hammer weighing 500 kg. It can work on machines with tonnage ranging from 9 to 13 tons. A hammer with an adapter plate.

ZAMO 1000 – The biggest and heaviest of our hammers. This hammer weighs 1000 kg and operates a tool (tip) with a diameter of 114 mm. It has a closed housing and adapter plate.